Hi there, I'm Juliette Young

I help health conscious people transition to a more plant-based raw diet so they can have more energy, feel healthier & more vibrant.

My Story


Like many kids, I grew up with allergies, digestive issues & anxiety. By my early 20's depression reared it's head & stayed with me for a long time. My digestion took more of a dive during pregnancy.

Learning about the possible links between what we eat, our digestion & mental health was a revelation to me.

I became slightly obsessed with researching & experimenting in the kitchen. I gradually stopped relying on eating things like bread, pasta & processed foods replacing them with fresh whole foods.

Through trial & error my health started improving. The best changes though came when I started to include raw foods.

Focusing on raw food took me from feeling unhappy, bloated, ill & fatigued to feeling fantastic! 

This had a profoundly positive affect on me. 

After running a health store for 10 years I took time off to care for my family & decided to change careers to pursue sharing my love & passion for plant-based raw food with other people.



Why I'm here now

I studied how to be a Raw Food Teacher, a Raw Food Coach & how to create raw food recipes. Now I'm studying nutrition.

I'm excited to share with you my recipes & what I've learnt to help you on your own journey. 

My diet is more colourful and varied than ever before. I don't believe that restriction, dieting or calorie counting works for everyone. All this time I had been largly ignoring what would help me most, which was basing my meals around fruit, vegetables and whole foods. Mostly raw.

Researching, applying my own strategies & developing new habits has made the difference.

Helping other people feel better through a love of deliciously fresh & vibrant whole foods is one of my greatest joys. I'm so grateful for the opportunity & to be able to share my passion with you.



Flourishing Kitchen exists to help you

All the recipes I create for you are gluten, dairy & refined sugar free. They require little or no cooking at all. 

This way they can fit into your eating style whether it's vegetarian, vegan, paleo or any other.

Every page of this site has been designed to help you discover new recipes & resources to help you move forward with upgrading your diet.

I share my best information & support by email. I do hope you'll subscribe and join my community. If you'd like to you can do so here: 


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