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Hi I’m Juliette, this blog is my way of sharing my recipes & love of plant-based raw foods.

I especially love how they make me feel. It’s such a peaceful, colourful, vibrant way to eat. I find preparing food this way really captivating & uncomplicated; it helps me to feel calm. Most of the work has been done for me already & I feel really good about what I eat.

My Story


For a long time I felt constantly tired & my digestion was really poor. I struggled with always feeling bloated & fatigued. Anything I ate felt like a lead weight hit my stomach. I also struggled for years with mental health issues ranging from stress, anxiety, not thinking clearly, ptsd & at times depression.

Since I learned about the connection between gut health & mental health I became slightly obsessed with researching & experimenting in the kitchen. I gradually stopped relying on things like bread, pasta & processed foods & began replacing them with more fresh seasonal plant-based foods instead particularly fruit & vegetables.


I’ve been inspired to make these changes after discovering people like Kris Carr, Ocean Robbins, Kelly Brogan MD, Sandor Katz, Russell James, Deliciously Ella.

Their work showed me how what I ate influenced everything I was struggling with & that I had the power to change it. I noticed that the best changes came when I started to focus on including more raw foods.

Focusing on my diet in this way has taken me from feeling bloated, ill & fatigued to feeling fantastic! 



Why I'm here now

After running a health store for 10 years I took time off to care for my family & decided to change careers. I studied how to be a raw food teacher, a raw food coach & how to create raw food recipes.

I'm excited to share with you my recipes & what I've learnt to help you on your own journey. 

My diet is more vibrant, colourful & varied than ever before. I don't believe that restriction, dieting or calorie counting works for everyone. Researching, applying my own strategies & developing new habits has made the difference.

Sharing a love of deliciously fresh & vibrant whole foods is one of my greatest joys. I'm so grateful for the opportunity & to be able to share my passion with you.



Flourishing Kitchen exists to help you

The recipes I create here are gluten, dairy & refined sugar free. They require little or no cooking at all. 

This way they can fit into your eating style whether it's vegetarian, vegan, pesceterian, paleo or any other.

Every page of this site has been designed to help you discover new recipes & resources to help upgrade your diet with more fresh seasonal plant-based whole foods, mostly raw.

This is about you creating fresh, delicious meals, drinks & snacks you love & that also love you back. This has the potential to change the way you look & feel so that you can take better control of your health, & become the best most gorgeous version of you yet.

I share my best information & support by email. I do hope you'll subscribe and join my community.

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