How To Make Amazing Tasting Almond Milk

Homemade raw almond milk

One of the first recipes I learned when I was looking into how to start a more raw food based diet was how to make my own almond milk. I loved it so much that I started using it in everything I could!

Homemade almond milk is just SO easy to do and tastes amazingly fresh and creamy with no nasty additives, sweeteners or preservatives. Even if you just want to introduce more plant-based foods into your diet then learning how to make your own plant-based raw milks from nuts and seeds is pretty fun and costs a fraction of what you’ll pay in the supermarket.

how to make almond milk

How to make Almond Milk

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Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Refined Sugar Free, Vegan

Recipe Ingredients

  • 1 Cup Raw Almonds (pre-soaked overnight)

  • 3 Pitted Whole Dried Dates

  • 4 Cups Filtered/Bottled Water (not tap)

You will need

  • Blender

  • Sieve

  • Nut milk bag or muslin cloth

  • Large Bowl

  • Suitable storage container

Recipe Instructions

  1. Rinse the raw almonds in a sieve and pop them into your blender.

  2. Add the water and dates then blend until smooth.

  3. Now you can separate the liquid almond milk from the pulp of ground almonds and dates. This will give you a smoother tasting milk. So, carefully pour your almond milk into the nut milk bag/cloth which should be held over the bowl to do this.

  4. Next, holding the bag or cloth closed at the top with one hand, gently push and squish the rest of almond milk down and out of the bag with the other hand. This is my favorite bit - other than drinking the milk of course.

  5. Squeeze out as much of the liquid as you're able to into the bowl leaving the pulp at the bottom of the bag/cloth as dry as you can.

  6. Pour the raw almond milk into a sealable container and store in the fridge for up 2-3 days.

Makes about 1litre raw almond milk in total.


If you prefer a stronger tasting nut milk use 3 cups of filtered/bottled water instead. Although not essential, I like to soak the almonds overnight in water first.

Try different flavours by adding a pinch of cinnamon or a few drops of vanilla essence.

Juliette Young

Raw Food Teacher