Loving the lightness of going raw

One of the things I love most about raw food is its lightness.

This is a blessing as it means that I no longer get that horrid feeling of bloating every time I eat, which would last all day.  And that feeling of being full-up after any tiny mouthful that left me permanently tired and sleepy….it no longer happens.

Yes, enjoying my new plant-based and raw meals is totally satisfying, easy and delicious and gives me actual real energy! Like the food we eat should do, right?


raw food is light to eat

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash


I celebrate the fact that I’ll never have to eat those dreadful dry brown breakfast cereal flakes (that somehow pass as food) again.

That stuff tastes so awful and it feels like a scourer going through my body. What was I thinking of? Good riddance to it.

All those foods I knew existed but didn’t pay much attention to before - focusing on those means I‘m now enjoying more of a variety of foods than ever before.

With raw food playing a huge part of that, I’m getting more fibre, nutrients and more water than ever.

Real food. Real flavour.


The lightness of raw foods can be misinterpreted

Lighter plant-based foods like fruits and vegetables on their own tend not to contain many calories so make a note of that. If we don’t get enough calories we can lose too much weight.

We are so used to eating until we “feel full”, that switching suddenly to much lighter foods can leave us feeling like we’ve not eaten enough or that we’re still hungry. This is when it’s tempting to grab foods that were trying to move away from to fill any gap.

For me this was reaching for crisps.

I think there’s a period of adjustment here so enjoy eating plenty of the good foods to make sure that you’re getting enough. And it’s key to make sure that you have plenty of healthier foods that you love instantly available at home.

Then when you do reach for something, it’s healthy and satisfying, and not on your naughty list.

Remember that we are all different. Our needs will vary depending on our own personal preference, where we are in life, whether we’re younger/older, how active you are etc.

If you’re thinking about introducing more raw foods into your diet or how to start a raw food diet then please do your own research and - as we’ve always been told by the powers that be – remember that it’s all about balance.


Starting a raw food diet doesn’t need to be complicated

Stay aware and pay attention to how you’re feeling. Ask yourself, how’s your body responding to what you’re eating?

There isn’t one Raw Food Diet, so choose to eat the foods that YOU love.

Approach it with your own sense of lightness, your own foodie adventure.

Know that there will be ups and downs along the way, as there is with any change.

Make it colourful, fun and full of variety.

Include an abundance of fresh fruit and veggies.

Watch your intake of fats, oils, nuts and seeds.

Make sure that you eat enough calories for your lifestyle.

It should be about enjoying the foods you want to eat, because after all, it’s your life. You don’t have to follow anyone else’s rules.

There are endless possibilities in creating new recipes and dishes, so why not explore them?

Love every moment and keep your reasons for doing it, your desire – ever present.

But, maybe don’t take it all too seriously. Afterall it should be fun, right?


Juliette Young

Raw Food Teacher