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Easy Raw Food - FREE 5 part e-course

Whatever your reason for wanting to upgrade your diet, I've got you covered.

Learn how to transition your diet. Make easy-to-prepare, deliciously fresh raw dishes at home, one step at a time.


Easy Raw Food

What You'll Learn In 5 Days

- What are raw, plant-based foods & what can you eat?

- Easy ways you can start introducing raw foods

- Discover germinating, sprouting & soaking

- Discover fermented foods & make your own sauerkraut

- Learn about processed foods & what you should avoid

- Clear out your kitchen in preparation

BONUS ebook - 12 recipes, to get you started right away.

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This is a course that shows you what whole plant-based raw and living foods are and how you can introduce them in to your diet one step at a time. 


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Raw, plant-based whole foods are easy to prepare, delicious and satisfying.

Recipes are quick to make, with no fancy dehydrator so you can get on with your day.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Is this course for beginners?

Yes, absolutely. It's designed to give you a good basic understanding of raw and living foods so you can use to start introducing them into your diet straight away.

+ How long will this course take?

This course is delivered over 5 days both via email and online.

+ Do I need wifi?

Yes. Each day for 5 consecutive days you'll receive an email from me and a link to that days lesson plus any bonus content, where applicable.

+ What if I have questions?

Answering any questions you may have is important to me. Just drop me a line via email anytime & I will get back to you as soon as I can.

+ Will there be any recipes?

Yes, on the last day you'll receive an email with a link to download 2 days worth of recipes for you to try if you want to.

+ Are raw and living plant-based foods right for me?

This is a short course where I'll share with you some of what I have learnt about transitioning to more raw and living plant-based foods. If you decide to make changes to your diet then I recommend speaking with your doctor or qualified healthcare provider who will be able to provide you with the right advice for your individual needs.