Want to move to a plant-based raw and living diet?


Need some help starting?



Moving over to a more plant-based diet is probably the best decision you can make for your health.

You love the idea of it, right? But are you a little overwhelmed by the mass of advice and info out there?

You're so busy already and you're concerned that it might work out expensive or too time consuming.

How are you even supposed to start? How can you make it work for you in the long term rather than it being just another diet? 


Whatever your reason for wanting to try raw plant-based food, we've got you covered.


Get our FREE 5 part course and learn how to transition your diet and make easy to prepare, deliciously fresh wholefood & raw dishes at home one step at a time. I'll show you:


✓ Learn about soaking, sprouting and fermenting

✓ Get a 3 day Meal Plan and shopping lists

✓ Learn about processed foods

✓ How to clean out your kitchen

✓ Get delicious raw recipes to try


✓ What whole foods, raw and living foods are

✓ How to introduce more plant-based foods into your diet straight away

✓ How to create new eating habits

✓ How Raw should you be?