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Feeling exhausted and ready to up-level your energy with raw food?


As a busy health conscious Mum you understand how it feels to feel constantly tired and run down.

Do you gulp down tea or coffee and grab unhealthy snacks to help you get through the day?

Perhaps you miss meals sometimes and pick at the kids food instead while preparing them lunch or dinner?

Are your days crazy busy and do they end with you curled on the sofa at night with chocolate and crisps.

Do you long to create that new healthy raw lifestyle for yourself but feel exhausted, overwhelmed about starting and so just haven’t got around to it yet?

Yeah, I hear you!

You know none of this is your fault, right?

Because for years we’ve been encouraged to:

✩ Work hard not smart.

✩ Put everybody else first.

✩ Be seen as the perfect woman in everything we do.

Unfortunately, this can often leave us with very little time to work on ourselves and we can end up feeling exhausted and burnt out.

I used to think that getting healthy meant I had to lose weight, count calories and restrict what I ate.

I wanted to feel energetic so that I could:

  • get more done

  • soar with natural energy

  • create extra time for things that mattered

  • feel sassy, sexy and feel like myself again


What if you can get the results you want by doing things a little differently?

Instead of following somebody’s weight loss regime.

Instead of spending hours online swooning at recipes you’re not going to make.

Simplify everything and start with an easy to follow plan to create that healthy lifestyle you always wanted.

You don’t need to spend hours cooking every week to make things work.

We can all do without “dieting” and punishing low fat, low carb, high protein rules to stick to.

No more restricting yourself.

No. More. Dieting.

Stop running around each week feeling like you’re chasing your tail and take back control.

If I can do this you can too!

Are you totally fed up thinking about it and just want to do something that actually works?

Imagine eating an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods to nourish yourself at a cellular level

Imagine feeling lighter, brighter, healthier and full of energy everyday to do the things you love.

Imagine always having something delicious ready and grab-able to help you avoid snacking on unhealthy foods at home.

Making meals based around raw plant-based whole foods is so quick and easy when you know how.

Find the right balance for you between fresh, light, vibrant raw foods and warm, comforting cooked foods you LOVE.

Eating this way totally takes the hassle out of mealtimes and it doesn’t take a genius to learn a few basic things that can transform the way you feel for good.

The truth is you only need a few things to make eating raw work long term:

  1. A positive mindset to create new habits and support yourself

  2. Recipes and ways to keep it fun and easy so you never get bored

  3. To know what raw foods are, the tools to use and nutrients you need for a varied, balanced diet that works

  4. A simple do-able plan to rinse and repeat so you can stay consistent and love it

With a little knowledge and planning you can totally do this!


What if you could start that new healthy lifestyle in 4 easy steps?

There’s a lot of misinformation online about going raw and plant-based.

Instead of getting in a pickle going in “all or nothing”, just take it one step at a time.

Achieving success is so much easier when:

✩ you have a roadmap,

✩ a simple path to follow

✩ and support to help you

This is where Go Raw Everyday comes in. 

Raw Everyday isn’t just a rehash of the typical diet or weight loss strategies you can find everywhere else.

This is something quite different.

Go Raw Everyday is a simple 4 step online course that shows you exactly how to upgrade your lifestyle with plant based, raw inspired meals full of fresh seasonal ingredients, without always having to cook.

It's time to stop feeling exhausted and soar with your own natural energy.

How do I know it's possible?

Because this was me 3 years ago.

What this course is about

With Go Raw Everyday you’ll discover simple ways how to incorporate raw plant-based food into your meals everyday and keep moving forward on your new, healthy raw food journey to arrive at a place you feel happy with.

All you need is a do-able plan, support and delicious raw foods that are quick and easy to prepare, so you can get on with your day.

I’m so excited to share with you exactly how easily you can base your meals around delicious, seasonal plant-based, raw foods.


My online course Go Raw Everyday will show you a simple way to eat healthy + enjoy raw foods consistently without going 100% raw.

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Hi I’m Juliette,

I teach busy, health conscious Mums how to find fun, easy ways to upgrade their diet with raw food so they can feel healthier, lighter, and have more energy to live their best life.

A busy mum of 2 with 2 jobs, I used to feel like there wasn’t enough time in the day to get things done and ended up feeling stressed and burnt out.

It was a very real problem. I felt overweight, unattractive and exhausted running around everyday from one thing to the next.

I didn’t want to spend my life feeling like this so I decided to do something about it.

But following the latest diets and weight loss advice just never worked long term for me.

I wanted to feel vibrant and alive not stressed-out counting calories and restricting food.

Thankfully, I realised that I needed to do something very different if I wanted to experience real change. 

Discovering that lighter raw foods filled me with energy and took little time to prepare was amazing and I couldn’t believe how simple it was.

So I decided to commit to eating plenty of fresh raw foods everyday like fruits, vegetables and leafy greens to see what would happen and my energy started to skyrocket!

I began to reclaim control of my health and took my power back! 


What’s in the course?

The course is split into 4 simple modules.


Module 1 - create a positive mindset

Having a positive mindset and being consistent in our daily and weekly actions are the secrets to creating new habits and seeing the long lasting change you want.

  • Discover your “Why?” and set strong foundations that are essential to your long term success.

  • Feel more aligned using 2 simple mindset strategies to help you reach your goals 


Module 2 - raw essentials

We are always learning aren’t we? So a little research when we’re learning something new has got to be a good thing!

In this module we’ll look at what raw food is, what equipment to use and quickly look at nutrients so you can:

  • Enjoy eating an abundance of fresh, healthy raw meals, drinks and snacks made with natural, nutrient rich whole foods!

  • Ensure what you eat is varied, balanced and all colours of the rainbow.


Module 3 - plan your way forward

My really simple strategy that works to fit going raw into your existing lifestyle, so you can::

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed

  • Stay organised, on track and confident

  • Eat seasonally and use flavours you love so you never get bored


Module 4 - action - let’s do this!

Learn how to meal plan and how to meal prep so you can pull everything together and:

  • Save money on your shopping

  • Save time in the kitchen each week

  • Wave goodbye to food waste



  • Eating raw socially at a friend or relatives, at a restaurant and when you’re staying away from home so you never have to worry.

  • Dealing with cravings so you can turn them into complete wins with your own healthy alternatives.

  • Prepare Your Raw Kitchen so you can feel totally organised and ready for the new raw, plant-based lifestyle that awaits you!

Go Raw Everyday Course Sheets

You also get:

✔︎ Course Checklist

✔︎ Meal Planner Template

✔︎ Pantry Essentials List

✔︎ Seasonal Foods cheat sheets

✔︎ Flavour Combination cheat sheet

✔︎ Access to the private community on Facebook to share your successes, inspire one another and ask questions.


Get my 70+ plant-based mostly raw recipes that are gluten, dairy and refined sugar - in pdf format.

Play. Get messy. Be adventurous.

Most of all have fun!

Low pricing for a limited time only


1. Once you hit the "Join now" button, you'll be taken to ta page where you can complete your purchase securely by credit card.

2. When payment is complete, you'll receive an email with your course password so you can access the course content straight away.


 Frequently Asked Questions


Who is this course for?

This course is for beginners serious about moving to a more plant-based raw lifestyle.

Whether it’s to improve your health, help save animals or to have a more positive impact on the environment a lifestyle based on enjoying more plant-based raw foods can be positively life changing.

If you want to upgrade your life with raw foods and make meaningful lasting change without going fully raw, this course is for you.

When does the course start and finish?

As soon as you’ve purchased the course you’ll receive an email with the course login password for you to access straight away. The course has no end date.

How long do I have access to the course?

You’ll have lifetime access to the course, for as long as I am running it. I’ve no plans to stop running it. You also get access to all future updates to this course for free.

I’ve got more questions. How can I contact you?

You can contact me by email here: juliette[at]flourishingkitchen.com

What is your refund policy?

If you’re not happy with the course just email me within 14 day’s of your purchase for a full refund.

Do I need any special equipment for this course?

  1. This is an online course so you’ll need to be able to access this course online. You’ll require access to a printer if you wish to print the downloadable resources.

  2. To prepare recipes you’ll also need basic kitchen utensils ie a sharp knife, a cutting board, jars for storing dressings, a grater and basic blender for making things like dressings, sauces, smoothies and nut milks. There are a few recipes for homemade juices and if you’d like to make these you will need a home juicer.

  3. If you’d like to join the facebook group for ongoing support and inspiration you will need your own personal facebook account.

How long does this course take to complete?

This course is intended to be completed at your own pace. Lessons are short so that you can move through the course quickly and start applying what you have learn’t.

You could complete the entire course in 1-2 days not including your shopping, food prep and making recipes.

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Get started - enrol in Go Raw Everyday! 

Create a plant-based raw lifestyle you dream of.

Feel happier, healthier and have vibrant energy to do the things you love. Go Raw Everyday is the step by step course you need to make it happen.