Hi, I'm Juliette,


I help health conscious men & women transition to a more raw & living plant-based diet by creating simple recipes & courses.


My plant-based recipes are gluten, dairy & refined sugar free & require little or no cooking at all.


You can make easy to prepare, deliciously fresh wholefood & raw dishes at home, one step at a time.

Discover how easy it is to transition your diet by checking out my free course.



Like many kids, I grew up with allergies, digestive issues & anxiety. By my early 20's depression had reared its head & this stayed with me for a long time.

My diet was what I considered varied and healthy. It never occured to me that my constant fatigue, digestive issues & brain fog were linked.

My digestion took a dive during pregnancy & I quickly became dedicated to preparing real home cooked family meals. It wasn't until a few years later I learned about the possible links between our digestion, nutrition and mental health. This was a revelation to me. It meant an opportunity to do something positive..

I became slightly obsessed with learning all I could & experimenting in the kitchen with what I'd learnt. The best changes for me came when I started to enjoy more raw foods. 

I love the way raw food makes me feel & went from bloated, constipated & fatigued to feeling fantastic! 

This had a profound affect on me. After running a health store for 10 years I took time off to care for family at home and studied nutrition. More recently I've studied to be a Raw Food Teacher, Raw Food Coach and how to create raw food recipes with mentors Karen Knowler and Russell James.